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Ryan McCollum

Company Founder
Master Mindset Coach

Hi, I'm Ryan! I am a Certified Professional Master Mindset Coach, a Certified Relationship Coach, and the Founder of Focused Pathways.

After years of serving Soldiers and Veterans as a Certified Master Resilience Trainer, and providing Solution Focused Counseling to Church Members as a Licensed Pastor, I continued my education in Cognitive Behavioral Training (Coaching modeled after Cognitive Therapy), and Rational Emotive Behavioral Training. I desire to help Clients from various walks of life, through the unhealthy and often intense negative thoughts and emotions (such as sorrow and anger), that I have literally seen wreck lives.

When you schedule a Free Empowerment Session, we will discuss your previous victories, current challenges, and clarify your goals. We discuss how the mind works, and the mindsets you will need to replace unhealthy negative thoughts and emotions with healthy, productive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to match your goals.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile—let's get started together soon!

(430) 201-3020

Ryan McCollum
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