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Private, 60 min Online Live Sessions to support you in a time of Grief

  • 1 h
  • Zoom

Service Description

Discover a Path to Personal Growth with Grief-Relief™ Embark on a personalized journey designed to support you through the complexities of grief. Our 4-Session Plan, offers you a unique opportunity to work closely with a dedicated Clinical EFT Practitioner. Accessible online, this program is developed to offer comfort and understanding. Why Choose Grief-Relief™: Immediate, Personalized Support: From the start, engage in sessions with a professional Clinical EFT Practitioner who is deeply understanding of the profound impact of grief. You gain a compassionate companion in your personal journey, ready to provide immediate support. A Transformative, Unique Approach: Our program transcends traditional methods by embracing the mind-body connection, facilitating personal insight and emotional comfort even when finding the right words is challenging. This innovative approach is designed to soothe and offer peace. Empowerment Through Education & Journaling: Discover new perspectives on grief that may be affecting your personal growth. Our program encourages navigating your feelings with a deeper understanding, supported by journaling as a tool for personal reflection between sessions. Confidence from the Start: Address any hesitations about navigating your grief from the very beginning. Our program is structured to foster your confidence and clarity in your personal journey, equipping you with knowledge and strategies. Ongoing Growth with Grief-Relief™ Plus+: The journey continues beyond the initial sessions. Opting for Grief-Relief™ Plus+ ensures personalized, ongoing support and guidance, adapting to your evolving needs. Why Start Now? Immediate Support & Personal Growth: Choosing Grief-Relief™ means not waiting to start your journey. The sooner you begin, the quicker you'll experience the benefits of our unique approach, fostering personal understanding and resilience. Limited Spaces, Unlimited Potential: With limited availability to ensure personalized care, we encourage you to secure your spot now. Embark on a journey towards personal understanding and comfort. Begin Your Journey Today Grief-Relief™ offers a pathway from grief towards personal growth, designed with your well-being in mind. Embrace a future where personal understanding and comfort are within reach. Let today be the day you choose to navigate your grief with support and insight. Click to Book Now and begin your experience with Grief-Relief™.

Cancellation Policy

Our Booking Policies are included in the downloadable Terms & Policies of service.

Contact Details

(407) 457-2509

Business Headquarters 7901 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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