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Embark on a transformative journey of growth with our Grief Relief: Calm Response for Strength and Serenity journal. Rooted in the powerful techniques of Clinical EFT, this program offers a comprehensive approach to navigating the complexities of grief with grace and resilience. Here's how our journal can support you:


  • Purchase to Use as Self-Help or for Ongoing Support: Continue receiving support even after completing our Grief-Relief™ Program. Our journal serves as a valuable tool for ongoing growth and empowerment, empowering you with strategies to overcome grief in the future (sessions sold separately).


  • Promote Emotional Resilience: Through guided tapping sessions, cultivate emotional resilience and strength as you process your feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Find solace and empowerment in tapping through your memories and emotions.


  • Release Emotional Burdens: Tap into the power of Clinical EFT to address specific memories, aspects, and emotions associated with your grief. Experience a profound release of emotional burdens, allowing you to move forward with greater ease and clarity.


  • Foster Conversations: Engage in structured exercises to address aspects related to guilt, regret, and other emotions intertwined with your grief journey. Foster conversations with yourself and others, leading to resolution and closure.


  • Cultivate Self-Compassion: Approach your grief journey with self-compassion and understanding. Our journal encourages you to acknowledge and tap on painful memories and emotions with gentleness and kindness towards yourself, fostering a deeper sense of self-compassion.


  • Empower Positive Change: Harness the insights and clarity gained from your Clinical EFT sessions to make positive changes in your life. With each tap, gain a renewed sense of purpose and direction, empowering you to take meaningful steps towards growth.


Experience moments of solace, renewal, and inner strength as you honor cherished memories and embrace the path to growth with our Grief Relief journal.



174 Pages A5 pages

Process up to 50 painful memories per journal.

(C) 2024 by Focused Pathways™ LLC

Grief-Relief™ : A Calm Response for Strength and Serenity

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