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Dive deep into personal transformation with our Calm-Response™ Journal, meticulously aligned with the proven frameworks of Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Beyond mere reflection, this journal stands as your guide on the path to enhanced self-awareness and emotional equilibrium. It invites you to explore and articulate the pivotal moments shaping your emotional landscape, utilizing EFT tapping, demystified through an included instructional video accessible via QR code, as a method to navigate emotional turbulence.


What You Can Expect:

  • Enhanced Emotional Clarity: Gain clearer insights into your emotional responses and triggers, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Stress Management Skills: Develop effective strategies to manage and mitigate stress, leading to a more balanced daily life.
  • Greater Resilience: Build resilience against life’s ups and downs, equipping you to face challenges with increased fortitude.
  • Actionable Self-Discovery: Uncover and align with your core values, guiding your decisions and actions towards a more fulfilling life.


For those desiring additional support, our seasoned Clinical EFT Practitioners are readily available at Take the first step on your journey toward a centered and empowered self with our comprehensive journal.


(C) 2024 by Focused Pathways™ LLC

90 A5 Pages

Spiral Bound for Convenience

Featuring a Video Guide for Effective EFT Tapping

Designed to Empower You Through the Resolution of 10 Key Challenges

Calm-Response™ : Navigating Conflict, Stress, & Overwhelm

SKU: CalmResponse
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