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The Heart of Focused Pathways®

Step into Focused Pathways®, a sanctuary crafted by Ryan McCollum in 2021. Here, frontline workers discover a renewed strength and inner peace. Focused Pathways® is driven by a mission to enhance the psycho-spiritual health of our global community, with a particular emphasis on frontline workers who face unique emotional and mental challenges.

Meet Ryan: The Soul Behind Focused Pathways®


Hello, I'm Ryan McCollum, the founder of Focused Pathways®. I am your ordained Private Practice Chaplain and Clinical EFT Practitioner, dedicated to serving you with a unique blend of expertise shaped by over a decade in the medical field, foundational experiences as an infantryman, including two combat tours, and roles as a medic, nurse, pastor, and Army Chaplain. My diverse background enriches my understanding of evidence-based psychology, spiritual insight, and specialized Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) training.

With certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Mindfulness Meditation, and the Grief Recovery Method®, I approach your care comprehensively and empathetically. My ten years as a combat medic and licensed practical nurse, along with five years in the infantry, have given me a deep understanding of the challenges you face in high-stress service roles.

I hold a Master of Divinity degree, enhancing my ability to provide you with spiritual guidance and support. This comprehensive education informs my commitment to improving the well-being of frontline workers like you, guiding you through the complexities of emotional and spiritual wellness while respecting and honoring your religious or spiritual beliefs.

By leveraging my extensive experience and certifications, I aim to provide you with a holistic approach that marries psycho-spiritual health with Clinical EFT. This method is designed to navigate the intricate dynamics of emotional and spiritual wellness in an inclusive and personalized way, meeting you exactly where you are on your journey. Together, we will discover and traverse meaningful avenues explicitly tailored to your needs, fostering balance, peace, and resilience in your professional and personal endeavors.

Why Focused Pathways®?


Engaging Values for Real-World Solutions: At Focused Pathways®, I am dedicated to helping you actively engage with your values, steering you toward solutions that resonate with your principles and aspirations. This engagement paves the way for personal and community harmony and fairness. I provide strategies to empower you to become the change you wish to see in the world.

Strategy Beyond Words: I recognize the power of transformation that transcends the need for verbal articulation. Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) offer a compassionate and effective avenue for managing stress, trauma, and emotional hurdles without necessitating the direct verbalization of the problem. This approach is particularly beneficial if you find traditional talk therapies limiting.

A Holistic, Medication-Free Approach: Are you struggling with sleep aids that fall short of your expectations? Focused Pathways® presents a compelling alternative grounded in the holistic principles of integrated and complementary medicine. Our practices, centered around the transformative power of energy psychology, naturally and effectively address emotional and psychological distress.

Dedicated to Veterans and Healthcare Workers: With a profound appreciation for the unique pressures you face, Focused Pathways® tailors its services to meet your needs. I aim to support your emotional and spiritual well-being, acknowledging your daily sacrifices.

Inclusive and Respectful: I welcome individuals from all backgrounds, affirming that diversity is respected and each personal journey is valued within my practice.

Choosing Focused Pathways® means embarking on a journey toward balance, peace, and resilience, guided by a professional who recognizes the depth of your experience and the potential for significant personal and communal transformation.

Join me in fostering a world of greater well-being, starting with the heroes who serve us daily. Step into Focused Pathways® and embark on a transformative journey tailored just for you.

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